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Biomagnetism – healing with the power of nature itself

Key facts

This is a clean and non-invasive treatment method without side effects and contraindications. The Biomagnetism treatment focuses on the prevention of diseases and takes away the conditions for the occurrence of many diseases. This treatment method prevents a lot of medication use and removes the ground from the current pharmacy earning model and the ever-increasing costs in the health care sector.

Children’s consultations

Our affiliated therapists often provide children with a special children’s consultation hour, in order to experience together with you whether magnets can be a quick solution. This is often done in a very special way.

What we like to do quickly are children with ADHD, in case of a suspicion of: an autoimmune disease, a familial bandage, a DNA suspicion, or in case of eczema, stabbing of insects, think also of tick bites, and as a result of an injury … Even when your child has to endure a childhood disease, magnets will often be able to offer a quick solution …

We ask the mother to come to the consultation for a treatment, not the child. We do not do this because there is something wrong with the mother, but because the mother is energetically connected with a child on a 1:1 basis.

This treatment is a special experience for a mother.

Cleaning up stress

The sympathetic nervous system reacts without you having to think about it. In people with a lot of stress, the sympathetic nervous system works out of its normal function without restraint.

Doctors and patients may also consider the use of magnets. This naturally restores the sympathetic nervous system. This can often prevent the longterm use of a tranquilizer – a soothing agent designed to reduce reactions to anxiety and tension.

Prof. Dr. Goiz claims

  • that internal organ tissue is pH neutral

microorganisms can land on it but cannot survive.

  • that causes a trauma to cause organ tissue to acidify and disturbs the natural acid balance in it.

organs may not function as well as they should
in acidified tissue, viruses and fungi can land, survive and make you sick.
in calcified tissue, bacteria and parasites can land, survive and make you sick.

  • that the disturbed acid balance in the body can be restored with a magnetic force
    Natural acid balance …

how do you get sick

  • a trauma acidifies organ tissue
  • in response, other organ tissue will compensate alkaline
  • chemically we call this process protonation and deprotonation
  • the natural acidity in organ tissue is thus unbalanced
  • organs can perform less as a result
  • microorganisms can land, survive and provide pathogenic fuel

how does your body recover

  • with 1 positive and 1 negative magnet (a pair) an acid balance is restored
  • chemically we call this process (now reversed) deprotonation and protonation
  • the natural acidity has been restored to a neutral balance
  • organ tissue regains its natural integrity
  • landed microorganisms are disposed of dead, their pathogenic fuel stops
  • your health can recover quickly or slowly after some time

Any trauma leaves traces in the body in the form of a disturbance in the acid balance. For example, after an operation we see that the acid balance in such a place – even years after the operation – remains unbalanced. It would therefore be a good idea to manually restore the acid balance with magnets immediately after an operation, thus also speeding up the healing process.

The body can also restore the acid balance itself. Yes, the kidneys are responsible for this, but this is – in contrast to the acidification in blood, where the lungs are also responsible for the recovery – a slow process.

number of treatments

You will notice ‘quickly’ whether things are going to change in your body. The duration of the treatment is limited to a few treatments. Children’s bodies often react immediately, whereas in older people this can take a little longer.

  • For example, a patient was treated who had to let himself be veined every few weeks, due to excess blood production of red blood cells. After a few treatments the recovery started slowly and what, to the amazement of the doctors, the bleeding was no longer necessary.
  • We don’t treat a crybaby ourselves, but the mother. Often with immediate results. “When I came home from the treatment my baby was asleep” says a surprised mother, “and after a few days I had another child”.